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ESG Investing in Healthy Buildings

By June 29, 2022January 9th, 2024Blog
ESG Investing in Healthy Buildings

According to the World Green Building Council, staff are the most valuable resource in most organizations and make up about 90% of operating costs, so even the slightest impact on worker productivity can have a large compounded effect. In terms of ESG, investing in healthy buildings means investing in your people and the environment, taking important strides to improve your company’s Environmental and Social components of ESG. There are two areas unique to healthy building investments that can take your company’s ESG performance to the next level.


Healthy buildings deliver tangible and measurable effects on an individual’s day to day life, as opposed to less tangible ESG initiatives that focus on broader more thematic issues like governance or climate change. Instead, focusing on tangible efforts such as creating green spaces or increasing ventilation efficiency can aid in the effort for broader initiatives. It demonstrates ESG through measurable actions instead of ideas.

Return on Investment

Since we are now expected to live with Covid, health supporting interior environments will be an important consideration during real estate decisions. The focus that healthy buildings have on ventilation and employee health are increasing in demand as new Covid strains develop. Healthy buildings are investments for the future of your people and your real estate assets.

The most comprehensive way to meet healthy building standards is to get Fitwell or WELL certified. Contact The Dragon Group to learn what healthy building path is right for you.